Learning and Teaching Online: 3 Myths Busted

Halina Maria:

New technology means a different role for teachers…

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Language learning technology is a growing and often standard part of most school curriculum. Students and teachers alike are taking advantage of online tools, websites, apps to support their language learning and teaching goals. A recent NCES survey stated that over 51% of all teachers in the US now use some form of curriculum based software.

Nevertheless, there are some standard myths out there about online language learning technology. As with any rapidly changing way of doing something, there are always fears and apprehensions, misinformation and misunderstanding about that which is new.

Here are 3 myths we find particularly pervasive and would like to address directly given our experience implementing EnglishCentral  video based learning into thousands of classrooms.

Myth 1

Many teachers still believe that online learning and technology in general is “repetitive” and behavioristic. That it isn’t human and adaptive. We at EnglishCentral challenge that. Video offers astounding ways to personalize the…

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About Halina Maria

M.A. Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan halina.bazan@pwr.wroc.pl Senior Lecturer at Wroclaw University of Technology, Foreign Languages Department and Department of Polish for Foreigners, since 1976. Education - University of Wroclaw Poland, Philology, Linguistics Jul 1974 M.A. thesis Efficiency of Polish Phonological Systems, the work, was written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hab. Jerzy Woronczak. Effectiveness of Polish phonological and phonemic structure: evaluation of the Excellent. In 1979, I started PhD thesis on; Theoretical ground rules of the stages of effective communication. I had not finished my assignment. July 1994 - Exam Proficiency British Consul; June 1995 - diploma of the Polish-American Postgraduate Study of Communication in the organization and management, organized by the University, Wroclaw Polytechnics, the University of Wroclaw and the Central Connecticut State University. I am a teacher from Poland. I teach Polish as a foreign language and English. I also conduct lectures in English on Polish History and Culture for students from all over the world. Now I am learning how to teach using new technologies and I am looking for some inspiration. I have been fascinated by WizIQ since I found the Platform. In addition to this, I think talking about Culture and Cultural Differences particularly attractive. I also believe that teaching language using songs is a powerful and enjoyable way of improving communication skills. Now I want to improve my teaching/learning skills. For me, to be an active learner means searching for updated information about different ways of understanding problems or issues, in order to improve my skills and teaching methods. As for my students, I talk them into active studying as well as being in charge of their own learning. My application is to involve learners in all kinds of activities, which should be done consciously; students need to be aware of the problems they face. I find Virtual Classes tremendously exciting and challenging; they make attendees feel like having a real meetings and discussion. Visual quality and non-verbal communication tools, you can share with attendees are particularly significant. Furthermore, an opportunity to communicate online with people from around the world is an overwhelming experience as well as an excellent chance to connect for teaching and learning. Occasion to meet and connect with people from the entire Globe is one of the reasons I appreciate online communication, very much. I retired in October 2013 and signed for a freelance Senior Lecturer occupation at the Wroclaw University of Technology. I am going to continue my university classes and lectures. Furthermore, I am confidently getting ready to finalize my earning online project. As I have been teaching online since 2010 but only for free, now I am preparing myself to offer English online courses. I have been Premium Teacher on WizIQ, since 2011.
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