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Am I too Old to Learn a Language?

What is a successful language learner?

EVERYONE knows the stereotypes about foreigners speaking English: Scandinavians are shockingly fluent, while the Japanese lag despite years and billions of yen spent trying. Now a big new study confirms some of those stereotypes. But it holds some surprises as well.

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Sometimes, I meet people who are fully bilingual.

Most of the time, they had parents who spoke two different first languages at home, and grew up as bilingual children. When I meet these people, I often feel a little jealous. I wish my parents had been bilingual, or had enrolled me in a special bilingual school—or that my hometown even had a bilingual school that I could have attended. Unfortunately, none of this happened. So, when I meet bilingual people, I not only feel a little jealous, but also a little anxious about my own language learning goals.

It seems impossible that my second language ability will ever rise to the level of a truly bilingual speaker.

There are many reasons for this: For one thing, finding the time to study and practice and continue to feel confident about my language learning is difficult. For another thing, it seems like…

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