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Wideo, WeVideo, and Magisto – Three Good Tools for Creating Videos Online

Wideo, WeVideo, and Magisto – Three Good Tools for Creating Videos Online.

Wideo is a neat video creation service that allows anyone to create animated videos and Common Craft-style videos online through a simple drag-and-drop process. A couple of months ago Wideo started offering templates to help users start their video projects. Wideo templates provide a basic framework for a video’s theme. A couple of the templates that might be of interest to teachers are the slideshow template and the curriculum template.


Welcome to ELT Straight Talk

Straight talking from teachers and learners, where teachers and students will share their experiences about the ways they teach and learn.

via Welcome to ELT Straight Talk.

Featured Video: Why Teachers Matter

Featured Video: Why Teachers Matter.

Featured Video: Why Teachers Matter

About teachers lifelong passion to educate the world.

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