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Improvements to Curriculum Goal Setting and Tracking Student Progress

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EnglishCentral: The Official Blog

goal-settingIn March 2017, we will make some changes to how teachers set goals and students track progress on EnglishCentral.

Please use the summary below as a guide as you draft your syllabus and use our teacher tools to set goals for students and track their progress through our reports:


  1. Students can view class progress from their mobile devices

Another request from teachers was to make student progress available on their mobile devices. This release includes a new My Classes on the app that shows student progress across all goals.



  1. Learn/Quiz Progress

We have received requests from many teachers to track students progress in Learn Mode as part of the overall word study on EnglishCentral. With this new release, students will get “Learn Progress” for any word they successfully complete in learn mode or in a vocab quiz. This allows teachers to set word study goals that cover…

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