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MoodleMOOT Reflection#5 “What About Non-Native English Teachers?” with Halina Ostankowicz-Bazan

Thank you so much for your excellent video.
Let all our friends know.
We are a Non- Native English Online Teachers.

Diana's Notepad

Here is my new reflection on the webinar presented by my dear friend Halina. She touched upon a very important subject in her talk.
You can learn more about Halina from her blog.

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MoodleMOOT 2017

Source: MoodleMOOT 2017

MoodleMOOT 2017

Dear Diana,
It is a pleasure to read your excellent posts.
Thank you for writing them.

Diana's Notepad

So the MoodleMOOT 2017 is over. This was a three-day event with 24 webinars with speakers from 13 countries of the world. As usual, MoodleMOOT was organized by Dr. Nellie Deutch, who is inspirational, as always. I am so glad that this year I could make it!

This time Nellie asked us to post our reflections to the Moodle site. And I am reflecting on some webinars and want to put those reflections here as well.

So this is my first reflection on the Opening Ceremony.

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Non -Native and Native English Teachers

Source: Non -Native and Native English Teachers

Non -Native and Native English Teachers

Native English Teacher or non- Native English Teachers


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Is English a Global Language?


The contentious issue of (non)nativeness remains unanswered.
Nowadays, being an NNEST or NNEST should not count but rather teachers’ professional capabilities.
The presentation provides a forum for reflection and discussion about NNESTs.
We should value professional and personal qualities over ‘nativeness.’
The skills and qualities that make an effective language teacher are the most significant.
Both ‘NESTs’ and ‘NNESTs’ are expected to be competent teachers, each with excellent professional skills.
What can non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs) perform better?
What can native English-speaking teachers (NESTs) manage better?


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